Hear it straight from Gloria Yackimec, Owner of Mindful Health Solutions, how the Business Academy has helped her get a head start on her business..

Learn how Sherian McCoy, Owner of Selah Wellness Texas, recovered from almost closing her business to tripling her profits through the Business Academy…

Get to know how Tasha Hines, ND, CAHP, and Co-owner of Spa728, improved her practice and her business through the CAHP Program and the Business Academy.

Practitioner Academy Testimonials

I was overwhelmed by inspiring thoughts and ideas when I took the courses and learned more that God had made everything possible. I've been able to walk on those gifts from his glory and not being afraid to speak out and speak up. Ever since I got my certificate on the Health and Wellness program, I have always been excited doing more courses with Academy Epic. I loved doing the interview with Angie because she guided me in so many things. I highly encourage others to take these classes because for me, this is the best that I have found.
Carol Bechtel
This is EXACTLY why I stopped taking classes at T.....y, and gladly gave you my money. Just watching weak videos and printing out 10 pages of notes a week wasn't teaching me anything I couldn't find online in 5 minutes. IHIS is worth every penny. IHIS is Epic. But I'm not gonna lie.. sometimes it kicks my a..
Carrie Green

Business Academy Testimonials

“Wow! The whole thing! I think this program over-delivered on the promise. I have been an entrepreneur for almost 25 years. I have been to and experienced A LOT of trainings and programs. I have NEVER felt so equipped to go forward with my dreams. Actually, it feels like my dreams finally have legs. That I will now walk out my dreams to help and serve others is beyond anything I've ever experienced. This may sound over the top but I have been LONGING for this for so very long!”
Amber Knick
"This program has really changed my life. I honestly can say that about a year after I joined the Business Academy, I doubled my income and I owe that really to Angie's passion--the drive and the passion that she gave me. She taught me how to get results and how to do all those things in between, all the things I was never taught. Before AcademyEPIC, I put a lot of money into education and I didn't have any human connection. With AcademyEPIC, you know Angie will not let you fail."
Sarah Huftalen
“As a new-ish grad I have been blessed to have a growing business and needed that next level of training on HOW to do certain processes and the knowledge on generally how to run a business. I was ready to go Pro! This Academy gave me the tools (and confidence!) to do it and I am forever grateful.”
Katie Gartner
“Where to begin! I liked learning under someone who has been there, done that. Getting real life experience examples. Taking a hard look of what I want my business to look like, not what others want my business to look like.”
Amy Wojtowski

Clinical Mentorship Testimonials

“I just have to say THANK YOU to Angie and to everyone else who has anything to do with this program. I still feel soooo new to all of this.. but I just keep opening emails, clicking links, following through the CAHP program, and learning!!!! Anyways, I just clicked through the Clinical Mastery Login email and watched the first Guiding Principles video with the Vision Work guidebook... Exactly what I needed in this exact moment! Things are moving along for me and my purpose, I feel so encouraged, and EMPOWERED, by the energy and positivity among you all.”
Kara Poll
“I would like to make a public statement! This statement is from the desk of Darryl Roberts and it is an OFFICIAL statement on his behalf! The value of knowledge given by Angie Roberts Ates in the Mentorship is SO FAR ABOVE what we are paying that every time I see the payment billed I pray that she does not come to her senses this month and raise the price! I can hardly ever attend these live however when i have time I just go back and watch the videos and its like getting an education all over again. This is literally the most under prices program I have ever been apart of and I probably should keep my mouth shut and not say this out loud! ON THAT NOTE I am going to go back to studying August's "Office Hours”
Darryl Roberts
“So glad that the IHIStudies formerly AcademyEPIC team and Angie worked really hard to produce quality programs and mentorship for all of us to break the cycle of inept training. I don’t know where I would be in this industry without the education and mentoring that I received from Angie and the team.”
Amber Self

Clinical Shaman Testimonials

"Where to start with the I-Sight Program! I loved that we had to dig deep into us and figure out how to get out of our own way. I loved figuring out who I was best suited for to help. The office hours were amazing. The time to ask questions and not feel like I was dumb for not knowing things, or being confused on what to do. I like that it is a small group and I feel like we get to know each other ever though some of us have never met in person and maybe never will. I liked working at my own pace, but still having deadlines. The mixture of video and live made me feel like I was important enough to actually have Angie take the time to be live"
Tammy Barnes
"After being at the Intuitive Healer class the last 3 days I feel like a butterfly who shed a cocoon with an inner peace in my soul that I have not felt in years. I have an energy funnel pouring in my head calling me to spread my newly formed and hardened wings which have been created so I can explore my next new chapter of my life. I am thrilled, I am stable, I am blessed, I am strong. I am connected to God energy in a way like never before. This event included skill building and hands on activities which helped me integrate new tools with confidence. I walked away with new skills that put into place day 1 in my clinic. These new tools help me protect my own energy field and help me further empower clients. I am grateful for IHIStudies formerly Academy Epic. Thank you for supporting my journey."
Tammy Gillam
"I have attended several IHIStudies formerly Academy Epic events in the 12-15 months, and I can honestly say that each one has been truly unique. I just attended the Intuitive Healer course in St. Louis, and also attended this same event last year in April 2018. I knew going in that it would be not only an unforgettable experience but also one that would be totally unique and tailored to our special group. I knew I would not be getting a repeat, but something I needed, and something that would be incredibly valuable to me right now, and down the road. Last year’s event was remarkable…it’s own special way. This year’s event was another epic event, a completely different but incredible experience. Not to mention sold out! You can’t walk into an event with Dr. Angie and not feel loved and supported, and what sets her and IHIStudies formerly Academy Epic apart from the rest is that she tunes into what’s going on in the room and just goes with it, regardless of what the “plan” may have been. And that’s another refreshing thing…no class agenda when you walk through the door, no pre/ post-tests or surveys, no boring PowerPoint lectures. The start time is established, but those of us who have attended events in the past all know that the end time is “to be determined.” It’s ended when the time is right to end it, whether that’s on time, early, or two hours past the estimated end time. I’m always in awe of what I take away from these events, and this one was no different. I certainly gained some insights this year that was different from last year, because it’s what I needed, and what resonates with me now. Let’s face it, we all have “stuff” going on, and what was going on last year is different this year. Last year’s event was what I needed then. This year’s event was what I need ed now (and built and expanded on what I learned and experienced last year). These experiences are truly those of personal growth and transformation. I don’t know anyone who walked away from the event feeling unenergized, unequipped, or unempowered. Angie is truly a giver, a lover, a sharer, and she doesn’t hold back. I’ve been blessed with her gifts, and so have countless others. The support and the connections made through IHIStudies formerly Academy Epic events are priceless. My support network has grown three-fold since joining the IHIStudies formerly Academy Epic Community. It is a must-have in my toolbelt and creates a space for openness, loads of great information and resources, and empowerment. I’m in the helping profession but I’m not a natural/alternative health practitioner. I’m a mom. I’m a wife. I’m a daughter. I’m a friend. I’m a neighbor. I’m someone who loves to help and share with others. I’m a business owner that wants my business to thrive. There’s no judgment about what you do for a living, where you came from, or why you came. It’s simply a place of openness and love, and I’m forever grateful!"
Megan Wagner