Health and Wellness Coach Certification

An accelerated Nationally Recognized program that positions you to obtain a medically recognized board certification.

Your Credentials don’t qualify!

Who is this for?

Accelerated Course Overview

Our Training Format Consists of Three Parts

Asynchronous Learning

27+ hours of engaging content covering health and wellness topics. These convenient, on-demand modules include health education topics; Nutrition, most common dis-ease patterns, A&P, hormones in the body, and more.

Mentored Skill Development

You will receive precise skills assessment feedback. This tailored approach illuminating your strengths and growth opportunities will ensure your ability to transform your clients’ lives and provide you with the next steps for completing board cert requirements.

Online Live Cohorts

Twelve weeks of interactive learning. This safe space will allow you to hone your coaching skills while being supported by our expert instructors. Unlike other programs, we know your name. Our small cohorts are refreshing as you learn, laugh, and make lasting friendships.

Our Mission is to empower Natural Health Practitioners to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others by providing them with the essential guidance and resources necessary for success.

We recognize the frustration of traditional programs that leave practitioners with more questions than answers, resulting in feelings of inadequacy and hindering their ability to pursue their dreams confidently.

That’s why we strive to bridge the gap and equip practitioners with the tools they need to thrive in their field and make a real difference in the world.

WHY choose to become a Health & Wellness Coach And continue to become Board Certified?

Accelerated Course Overview

(next date is January 15, 2024)

This Accelerated, Intensive Training enables you to leverage your time and desired outcomes.

Who is it for?

The professional who:

What Sets Us Apart?

We designed this program for practitioners seeking legitimacy in the healing arts field. You have earned certifications, designations, and more; however, your education is not acknowledged. You are seeking a credible board certification that enables you to integrate your training within the licensed medical field.

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Preferred Pricing

(payment plan for THIS launch ONLY is $1248.50 each month for 2 months)

(payment plan for THIS launch ONLY is $624.25 each month for 4 months)

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Current Pricing

(payment plan for THIS launch ONLY is $1498.50 each month for 2 months)

(payment plan for THIS launch ONLY is $749.25 each month for 4 months)

The next Cohort is JANUARY 15, 2024

Open enrollment is from October 1 - November 15 2024.


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Important Notes:

No refunds. No flakey decisions. Only Professionals!
As of August 8th, there only 6 slots remaining for the January Cohort. It is best to reserve your spot ASAP.

This course will prepare you to sit for the NBHWC National Coaching Board exam.

Requirements To Sit For The NBHWC Coaching Board


October 18, 2023 – 7PM ET

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