Why Is Finding a Niche Key to a Successful Health & Wellness Business?

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Spending time creating streamlined, targeted marketing strategies can feel somewhat intimidating when your focus is set on acquiring clients and developing your services.

Great marketing is rarely an innate skill, and with so many online marketing tips sounding anything but intuitive, it’s no wonder that so many health and wellness professionals end up actively avoiding anything to do with it until it’s absolutely necessary.

Niche marketing is the perfect example of this trend: Far from intuitive and definitely time-consuming, finding your niche market and attracting the right people to your services takes insight and dedication.

Don’t worry, however, your passion to help others and our roadmap to help you share that genius will allow you to kick start your health & wellness business in no time!

We know that your first instinct might be to throw a wider net to catch and convert as many leads as possible, making your offer universally appealing to maximize your chances of success. Finding a specific niche market, however, has been shown time and time again to bring about better and more consistent results, so incorporating niche marketing into your business strategy can only help you grow your health and wellness practice even more successfully.

So, how can you get it right and utilise a hyper-targeted market of leads to your advantage? Here’s all you need to know about finding a niche market as a health and wellness business, the easy way!

What is niche marketing?

Before we dive into how, exactly, you can identify your niche and start speaking their language, let’s look at what niche marketing actually is and why it’s so essential for growing a health and wellness business, whether you’re dealing with a brick and mortar or digital practice.

Niche marketing is a type of marketing that focuses its effort on a specific subset of your audience. In the business world, a niche is more than just a very specific type of customer, however: It’s an especially profitable demographic of your target audience, a segment that’s more responsive to the services you’re offering due to the lack of equally appealing competitors.

WHEW! That was a lot of information to digest, but hold on, we guide you through the process that whether a solo-prenuer or a team, you can grasp easily!

Finding your niche requires more than just focusing your marketing and delivery efforts on a specific specialty within the world of health and wellness. At its very core, niche marketing is about problem-solving: It’s about becoming the answer to your most profitable audience’s questions, addressing their pain points, and presenting solutions that your unique, niche expertise can carry out better than anyone else.

Niche marketing in action can look like focusing the majority of your advertising efforts on potential clients located in a specific area, belonging to a certain age demographic, or a certain profession. It might be targeting leads who participate in certain activities or have a specific set of habits that might make them more attracted to your offer.

Online platforms like Facebook and Instagram have made finding a niche market progressively easier, thanks to their audience insights and ad creation tools. But even if you choose not to use social media to gain insights into your niche and reach them, you can use the key principles employed by these platforms as inspiration for all sorts of marketing mediums, from newsletters to word-of-mouth.

Is niche marketing essential in a health and wellness business?

So, what is it about niche marketing and finding a niche market that can help you take your health and wellness business to brand-new heights?

And is this type of marketing strategy really essential for growing as a business owner and acquiring more health and wellness business opportunities?

One of the biggest benefits of using niche marketing for business growth is that it allows you to really hone all your skills and establish yourself as an expert in your field. When you start focusing your efforts on a niche, you’re automatically positioning yourself as someone with specific expertise in that niche, attracting more customers to your offer and establishing trust early on.

Another great benefit of finding your business niche is that it allows you to focus your time and energy wisely, as your audience and goal are already set and on the right track, leaving you with a lot more time to refine your programs and packages. If you need help figuring this out, we’ll train you on how to leverage that genius and align your time in our Programs & Packages modules in our Business Academy!

This can not only help you avoid becoming burnout but it can also give you more time to make smarter decisions and avoid expensive mistakes like having a lack of direction or inadequate budgeting.

Niche marketing is also perfect for giving your income a well-deserved boost. Working within a niche is the quickest way to establish expertise in a particular field or methodology, and expertise always pays well. Health and wellness business owners can leverage their knowledge and dedication to a specific subset of their industry for higher rates, which their ideal, niche clients will be glad to pay. Think about it: Helping your core clients and earning a sustainable income all at the same time… it’s a win-win for all!

Finally, finding a niche to work with is ideal for avoiding oversaturated health markets and for coming out on top of the competition. It’s no secret that the health and wellness industry has become a crowded marketplace (especially online!) so ‘niching down’ is a savvy way of reducing your competition and setting yourself apart.

When we put all these factors together, niche marketing really proves itself to be an essential component of a healthy marketing strategy!

How to identify your niche

So, with the incredible benefits of finding a niche market in mind, how can you find out what niche would work in your favor and actually find that ideal audience out of tens of thousands?

If you’re wondering, YES, we have you covered with a template to discover who is the BEST fit for your practice’s success!

Here are our best tips on how to identify your niche, no matter what type of health and wellness business you might be running:

Look out for demand and growth

The first thing you  need to look for is a market in need, meaning a specific subset of the health and wellness industry that is lacking sizable competition while having plenty of interested potential clients.

This part of the process will require a good amount of research, as it’s quite unlikely you’ll tap into a market that is completely devoid of great coaches and health practitioners fulfilling this demographic’s needs. Still, there’s no need to get discouraged — you’ll always have the opportunity to ‘niche down’ even more or put a unique spin to your offer, even if you’re not dealing with an entirely new market. And did we mention, we got ya covered with our Market Survey system that allows you to speak the words your potential clients want to hear?  This is yet another tool offered through our Business Academy!

As you’re following demand and researching untapped markets to specialize in, you’ll also want to research the projected growth of your chosen niche market, just to make sure you’re not backing yourself into a corner and pursuing something that won’t be profitable in the long run.

Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, the mentoring you get in our Niche module affords you the opportunity to easily step into your niche without stress. Also, we have formal and successful training on market surveys. So, we’ve got you covered.

Put problem-solving at the forefront

As you’re looking for strong demand, you’ll also want to make sure you’re positioning your offer in a way that will meet your target audience’s needs and solve the problems they’re looking for an answer to.

Think of why clients choose to approach certain health and wellness businesses: They are in need of a solution and they are seeking the right person with the right expertise to do the job.

How will you ensure you can become the go-to problem solver for your chosen niche?

Well, with our step-by-step Market Survey you’ll quickly be able to align with the Problem you are designed to solve, as well as the blueprint to show you the steps to acquiring your niche expertise in the first place!

Get in touch with what you love

Last but definitely not least, you’ll want to niche down in a way that will fulfill your driving passion and authentic interests as well as fitting your experience.

One of the best ways to offer your Programs & Packages and ancillary services is to project your authenticity, so choosing to work with a target audience you love to work with and are genuinely eager to help will definitely help you stand out.

As an added bonus, letting your passion guide you will also guarantee you’ll keep enjoying your work and stay motivated to learn more and do better for years to come!

Giving You All the Tools to Help You Find Your Niche

Understanding what makes niche marketing so important is just half of the battle. The rest will be figuring out how to reach out to your target audience with online marketing and traditional marketing, as well as how to retain that niche and continue to grow your business going forward.

Not sure where to begin?

We can help you understand the “how” through our six-month program and our educational, interactive support sessions with natural health practitioners. If you’re looking for even more support and a streamlined program to cover all the basics of business growth and more, our Business Academy is here to offer you all the tools you need to start and grow a successful wellness practice, no matter the niche.

Get in touch today to find your niche and turn your passion into a successful health and wellness business!

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