What Is a Natural Health Consultant?

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When you find yourself sick, you may turn to your kitchen cabinet and your garden to treat yourself at home naturally. If you are passionate about utilizing the resources that nature offers to improve your health and want to get certified for your knowledge, you can become a natural health consultant.

Mother Nature has ensured that her bountiful gifts provide her children with the best. From essentials like food, water, and clothes to pleasing art and biodiversity, nature has not left any stone unturned for ensuring our happiness and well-being. How could she, then, let our health suffer?

What Does a Natural Health Consultant Do?

In addition to conventional medicine, another treatment option exists: naturopathy. This medical system focuses on the body’s innate ability to heal through changes in diet and lifestyle. A natural health practitioner can suggest you take some herbs and dietary supplements and apply stress management techniques and mindfulness to achieve optimum wellness.

Naturopathy isn’t necessarily a replacement for traditional methods of treatment but offers additional methods of achieving whole-body health. Many patients in a study who used naturopathic treatments alongside their surgeries reported reduced pain, nausea, and anxiety.

Naturopathic consultants listen to their clients and create tailored treatment plans to engage each client actively in the treatment. A certified natural health practitioner could use a multitude of assessments and other objective data to determine the most suitable wellness approaches. Instead of only responding to symptoms, natural health consultants suggest lifestyle changes that build from within and protect from recurrence of the issues.

Natural health approaches can also help clients protect themselves from the development of antibiotic resistance since typically fewer antibiotics would need to be taken. A natural health consultant can help them understand the contributing factors of the symptoms and encourage one’s accountability for their own health. There has been a significant shift toward alternative and natural  approaches among the general population. People are moving toward improved diets, enhanced relaxation, traditional medicines, Ayurveda, and massages to heighten the quality of their lives.

How to Become a Certified Natural Health Consultant

To begin with, you are taught over seven hours of  nutrition along with other key evaluation tools.  You learn this functional nutrition as it is exceedingly apparent that the majority of individuals who come to you need a breakthrough and this is the first step. Additional  approaches to natural health and DIY natural remedies, among other modules prove to design the fundamentals needed to start your sensational career.  You can gain your first benchmark certificate in natural health after you have completed these foundation training modules and after you pass the exam.

This certificate, the CNHP (Certified Natural Health Professional), is included in our course or  The Complementary Alternative Health Professional or Traditional Naturopath at no extra charge.  We believe that if you are serious about beginning a career as a natural health consultant you need a comprehensive program that goes beyond your latest “search engine” findings.

For your optimal learning, we provide a 4 pillar roadmap to ensure implementation of the knowledge gained. We train you on how to put together an effective wellness plan. The 4 pillar approach encompasses supplements, emotional support, ancillary tools and nutritional adjustments.  You can then empower yourself with additional knowledge in tools and techniques and uncover the cause, using our analysis/assessment tools, creating the ultimate recipe, and timeline of expectations, all by using our  (CARE) roadmap.

How to Become a Certified Natural Health Consultant

To ensure that you get the most out of your  training, the course material is available for lifetime access and is updated annually. The natural health consultant online program is aimed at helping you put together successful wellness strategies for your clients and provides you with well over twenty case studies to implement the training effectively. You can decide on whether to become a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner or a Traditional Naturopath Doctor, depending on the regulations of your state.

With more than one hundred hours of innovative and hybrid instruction from twenty certified professionals, you can enrich your skill set and even launch your own business. Our new approach to natural health skill-building comes with maps to guide you and your clients to discovering the underlying trouble of presented symptoms. Solutions through naturopathic remedies, botanical solutions, homeopathy, and other modes are explained during the modules.

To become a certified natural health professional, you need to be empathetic and willing to listen to clients. If you are already a medical professional, you can incorporate natural health resources into your work to enhance the comfort of traditional treatments for your patients. If you have no medical background but have a strong passion for helping people lead healthy lives naturally, you can enroll in a CAHP certification online, too. Your skills and training, combined with certification, can help you build credibility and financial security. All you need is three to five hours a week to absorb the lessons!

You may want some help during your learning. For this, live interactive support is provided to help you advance your way. There is also an exclusive and private Facebook group forum where you can connect with people who are practicing the techniques in the field. Each month, a mentoring session is provided via live virtual support calls. You can collaborate with your colleagues and share your questions for quick solutions.

As a natural health consultant, you can help your clients gain a clear understanding of their symptoms and monitor their progress toward well-being. You can curate whole-body wellness charts and encourage them to take concrete action plans for change based on nature’s gifts.


Many people who wish to venture into the world of natural health lack formal training and certification. They end up spending their precious time and money without anyone to guide them toward a proper understanding of the discipline. Yet others who have certifications need help “pulling it all together”.  So many certifications out in the natural health field are shallow and lack any real ability to implement in a thriving practice. If you are ready to take your dreams from hobby to professional, Join us today and allow us to make your dreams come true..#the EPIC way.

If you want to join a natural health program that supports you and your vision, you want to be a part of Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies epic journey. You can enroll in the natural health practitioner course offered by us, gain a credible certification, and help your clients live healthy naturally.

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