Traits of Successful Health & Wellness Entrepreneur

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The risk, the long hours, and the commitment required to become a successful entrepreneur put off all but the most intrepid. It goes without saying this is a special group. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve as coaches and mentors at our Business Academy.

More rare though is the health business founder, the person who’s decided to make a go of their own personal venture, put their career and likely a good share of their financial resources on the line, in order to help other people be well.

The first is just brave. But those who choose a wellness profession can also claim a noble mission.

Nevertheless, the pitfalls and hazards are there for both. A risky enterprise these business leaders are running as sole proprietors or managers of staff are no different from the many other businesses that either rise and find success or fail.

Look: whether you’ve already got skin in the game as a natural health entrepreneur or are thinking of making a go of it on your own, there are a few common core qualities that separate the good from the great.

Let’s look at 10.

Deep Knowledge

The modern health business works across a range of industries, as we explain in our blog on starting a wellness business. This is an industry that includes therapeutic bodywork, supplements, and other remedies as well as stress management.

What binds all of these disciplines together is a deep understanding of their craft.

While some of these areas do prefer or even require a professional certification that shows clients proof of this understanding, the quality of being knowledgeable is what defines the successful modern entrepreneur.

Of course client relationships matter as well as  a strong product knowledge is key. In order for your health business to become sustainable, aligning these 2 areas will ensure firm understanding and ultimately success for all.

A Rock-Solid Plan

Natural health entrepreneurs who can put together a solid wellness business plan—like the ones we offer training in at Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies Business Academy—can help you create long-term success.

A business venture in this industry is about more than just wellness products or services. You need also to bring to the table the knowledge and skills to run every aspect of business so that it’s smooth versus overwhelming.

If you can’t put a natural health business plan together, consider taking a course like our Business Academy to develop the business acumen to complement your passion.

A Love of Learning

Successful founders are not afraid to ask what they don’t know. They are hungry for new knowledge and constantly learning. They have a strong growth mindset and have a special appreciation for new, unusual, and potentially valuable ideas.

They may seek partnerships, mentorships and are open to conversations with others who are more experienced and offer another perspective. Health is a complex subject that requires a lot of studying and understanding. Being in the natural health business means in some sense being a scholar too. This is a field with a lot of evolving information that changes as our understanding of the human body changes. The ability to ask good questions and get answers is a must-have for this type of business.

This is a tough industry to be in as a solopreneur and even the best of us can use some help developing these best practices. Our Clinical Mastery Membership program offers key support for health business founders like you to get the support, mentorship and expertise you need to deliver your best to clients.

Unmatched Passion

Passion is what’s going to drive you to succeed, even on those days when you’re telling yourself over and over, “This is not for me.”

The reason you want to get wellness-minded people on board in your business is that natural health business leaders are driven by passion. They’re going to be the ones who lead the way and help you create a brand that’s recognized and revered.

Clients look for entrepreneurs that are resilient, who can stay focused on their objectives through the difficulties, and who are committed to their vision.

Strong, Clear Communication 

Health business owners have very effective communication skills, allowing them to communicate well with their clients, customers, staff, and more. Mastering main communication skills such as diplomacy skills, negotiation skills, sales skills, and motivational skills will help your business reach success faster.

You will also be guiding people emotionally and mentally, so being able to communicate effectively is a crucial trait.  This is why we love to teach the Module Conscious Communication in our Business Academy program.

Strong, Clear Communication 

A Drive Fueled by More Than Profit

You might think wellness business founders are only in it for the money.

Actually, those who work in this space who succeed share a common mission—to help others get healthy and to make a difference in their lives. They’re not just talking about health, but they practice it in everything they do. They’re also committed to wellbeing as a way of life, and they’ll bring this to the masses.

In turn, entrepreneurs who start with a mission that’s bigger than themselves are going to be more successful and have more impact on health in general. Learning how to charge for your services is a vital training component in our program.


Being a wellness business founder means you  need to be able to work flexible hours because you understand that your clients have work and family commitments to attend to. And being in the natural health business means you might be needed outside of your regular working hours by some clients.

Nevertheless, finding the right balance between meeting both the needs of those you serve and yourself, the service provider, is critical. Both need each other and both are equally necessary.

Flexibility is an essential trait as even the best-laid plans may have a detour. Embracing work/life balance while still meeting your goals is flexibility at work. It is important to be able to balance your work time and personal time so that you won’t feel overwhelmed at the end of the day.


The business world is always changing, it’s the nature of it. Entrepreneurs will often face new opportunities and new challenges, and it’s almost impossible to be ready for everything. They need to be able to evaluate situations and adapt to them.

Being in this industry is also another everchanging endeavor. Wellness is not something that is steady and will require you to be flexible and quick on your feet.  As you scale your business we help you discover what Phase of Business you are experiencing in order to create adaptability strategies.

Being able to evaluate situations and sudden changes is a part of the toolbox in this industry, and it will help you make good decisions faster for your brand.

Social Media Expertise

Social media is a useful tool to reach out to more clients and help people remotely. It will help you promote your business and providing online services is going to attract potential clients who are limited to travel due to a busy schedule or other reasons.

Also, establishing and growing an important voice on social media focused on health helps you build an engagement with a bigger audience and build trust and authority. Your brand, business, and yourself will gain more recognition and it will be a great opportunity to promote your name and business. Learning how to leverage a Content Calendar alongside a monthly newsletter is invaluable when establishing you as the expert.

Why Become A Wellness Entrepreneur?

Being successful here requires having a a solid roadmap that includes your niche, marketing surveys and how to reach new clients. the demand has been growing dramatically in recent years for passionate results driven professionals.

The industry size estimates vary greatly. McKinsey puts the size of the industry at $1.5 trillion while the Global Wellness Institute states this industry is valued at $4.5 trillion if you count adjacent athletics and fitness commerce activity. By both measures however, it is continuously growing.

We live in a time where the world has become suddenly and powerfully focused on health. This figure is sure to grow as the world recovers and the interest in health becomes a permanent part of our identity as a culture. Surely, the need for strong health-oriented businesses is sure to be here for a long time to come.

How To Become A Health Entrepreneur 

Natural health as an industry has changed over the years, it is now easier than ever to start up your own business. Multiple elements make the process easier. For instance, it’s cheap to get a domain name and launch the website of your business. You can easily get a domain and hosting for less than $100.

You can build a team easier with the online team managing tools and find co-founders across the globe. It almost doesn’t matter where you work with the available e-commerce platforms.

Being an entrepreneur has many other advantages as well. You can have flexible working hours, you will be able to meet with like-minded people, and with ever-growing and expanding business opportunities, you will enjoy an active life full of life possibilities.  Finding the mentoring to pull it all together will create the sustainability that you deserve.

With a constantly growing demand for natural health remedies, it’s now the time for the rise of wellness entrepreneurs. With the current state of the world, most businesses turned to remote working and this is a great advantage to start your own business journey.

Entrepreneurship is one of the best ways of growing into a leadership experience. It is an amazing opportunity to build a network, achieve success and fulfill your dreams. Sign up for our business academy today to start your own path in a natural health business and feel supported every step of the way!

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