Looking for ACAHP Access?

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What is Retiring?

 Effective SEPT 1, 2022!

CAHP/TN Program

What’s Included:

  • Entire CAHP/TN program contents:
    • In-depth content that will provide you with the training you need to truly be equipped in your natural health practice.
    • Create integrative results-driven strategies that debunk the “pill for an ill” approach through putting together successful wellness plans.
    • Over 3000 reference documents for immediate clinical implementation.
    • 24/7 access to your dashboard that will allow you to take the modules based on your lifestyle.
  • Unlimited Access until DEC 2023– then $97.00 annual access maintenance fee.
  • We are retiring this program from our platform- it will no longer be available after this ‘semi-retirement’ sale- Effective SEPT 1, 2022!

Business Academy

What’s Included:

  • Entire Business Academy program contents
    • Step by step roadmap on how you can successfully build and improve your practice – based on real-life experiences of successful natural health practitioners and business owners
    • DIY Worksheets with guiding questions that will help you get to know yourself and your business deeper.
    • Interactive videos to guide you through each module.
  • Unlimited Access until DEC 2023– then $97.00 annual access maintenance fee.
  • We are retiring this program from our platform- it will no longer be available after this ‘semi-retirement’ sale- Effective SEPT 1, 2022!

What is Staying?

Special Pricing for this RETAINED and ONGOING Mentorship

Clinical Mastery Membership $47 per month (value $199)

What’s Included:

Monthly Guiding Principles
Each month we focus on a Guiding Principle to embrace and implement for the ability to “change your world”. Transformation starts from the inside out and these Guiding Principles are a catalyst for ACTION. Afterall, If you want something different… you must become something different.
(all recorded for your flexible viewing)
4 hours of Live-Virtual Support call each month
  • Clinical Triage - Real time. Interactive. Mastermind. Using your client cases we create wellness plans while cultivating your root cause differential skills. Simply put- We use the 4 pillar template for effective protocols. (1st week of each month)

  • Self Mastery - Soul-istic Medicine. Our integrative energy work processes, guide you through a live virtual reset and rebalance healing. These On- Demand programs are included in your Membership and demonstrated for quick client implementation each month. (2nd week of each month)

  • Open Office Hours - This monthly “Anything Goes” live virtual support call, enables you to ask uncensored clinical questions in real time. Regardless of your training, when you need support you get it with this mentorship. (3rd week of each month)

  • Business After Hours - Regardless of your level of experience in business, this is the place to learn Best Practices from the experts and share resources for sustainable income. We are a Conscious Capitalism Community! (4th week of each month)
  • (all recorded for your flexible viewing)
    Be in a community of like-minded professionals who genuinely support you and are rooting for you to succeed.
    This program remains as is and there is NO transfer / annual access maintenance fee. This is all INCLUDED in your monthly mentorship membership.

    Those who have Purchased Programs before:

    ACAHP Access to your Programs

    With the retirement of the CAHP/TN, Business Academy and Library courses from AcademyEPIC/IHIStudies platform,  we desired a way to afford students an ongoing access opportunity.

    Academy EPIC/ IHIstudies has entered into a collaborative access relationship with ACAHP,  the Association of Complementary Alternative Healthcare Practitioners. This entity has agreed to “host and manage” the access of the majority of old and current AcademyEPIC/IHIStudies content.  

    What does this mean?
    Effective October 1, 2022 ALL current access points for ANY ‘retired’ content will be closed. The access to CAHP/TN, Business Academy and Library courses will be concluded.
    How does it work?
    To retain program(s) access a transfer fee of $197.00 will be paid to ACAHP. This fee is to offset the administrative expenses associated with establishing your student information and program(s) content on the ACAHP platform. Annually a $97 access maintenance fee will be due. This fee covers the cost associated with maintaining and managing your content access for one year.

    NOTE: ONE fee covers ALL transferred programs. You will NOT pay for each program content you currently have access to.

    It Pays to Transfer Today: Purchasing by OCT 1, 2022 will ensure that you have UNLIMITED access until December 2023! 

    Purchasing  AFTER Oct 1, 2022 in addition to your transfer fee, your annual access maintenance fee  will be due and start on JANUARY 1, 2023.  

    For more information on this access, download the PDF Guidelines here.