Leverage Your Gifts and Start Your Career as an Alternative Health Practitioner

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Some of us are helpful students, loving mothers, and compassionate fathers. Some are even healthcare workers. But what binds each of us together is a call to help.

Are you looking for a way to use your caring gifts to help others while making a living? Then becoming an alternative health practitioner could be the right path for you.

Most of the time, when people feel unwell, they often see a general practitioner or a pharmacist to find solutions to their problems. But you don’t have to have a medical degree to be able to aid others with their issues. And by getting a traditional naturopath certification, you can help your clients find holistic solutions by identifying the root causes to their problems.

You can have any kind of background and easily become a certified traditional naturopath with Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies. We understand your healing intuition and know exactly what you need to promote health and wellness in your community while creating a sustainable income for you and your family.

What is an Alternative Healthcare Practitioner?

An alternative health practitioner is someone who focuses on mental, emotional, and psychological conditions as well as physical symptoms. They use practices such as aromatherapy, herbal therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, etc.

Holistic medicine considers the person as a whole: emotions, spirit, and mind are all as important as physical health. Balance in one’s life is considered to be the primary goal to achieve optimal health. For instance, while western medication treats a condition with pharmaceuticals, alternative health uses alternative therapies along with a plan to understand the root of the problem and fix it.

Alternative health practitioners can work in various places such as a clinic, hospital, or home visitations. They help with chronic pain and conditions including stress focusing on the body’s natural self-healing abilities. An alternative health practitioner addresses the root of the problems along with working on the mind and body connection.

While it is possible for natural health practitioners to practice their craft without adequate training, getting certified provides in-depth knowledge and confidence to help others while creating financial stability.  Not to mention, the credibility that offers the client a peace of mind knowing you are formally trained.

Things to Consider If You Want to Be a Complementary or Alternative Health Professional 

If you want to become an alternative health practitioner there are a couple of factors you need to consider since you are going to be investing your time and efforts.

Which specialty fits you the best? 

There are various specialties that fall under the alternative health umbrella, such as massage therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic therapy, aromatherapy, nutrition, etc. You need to learn about different specialties and choose the one that aligns with you. For instance, if you are not comfortable with needles then you’d probably wanna avoid acupuncture.

Are you passionate about alternative health & helping others?

Being an alternative health practitioner focuses on helping others. It is an occupation for those who are caring for others.And we all know when we are passionate about something it drives us to change our world.

Can you be flexible with your working location and/or hours?

As a complementary health practitioner, you will be helping clients with their physical and emotional problems which may occur anywhere and anytime. You might end up getting a call from a client outside of your working hours or the client who normally visits you may not be able to travel for the next appointment. Here at Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies we train you on how to create those healthy boundaries while still helping your clients.

Can you handle different situations?

Dealing with physical and emotional problems – you may never know what the next client will bring your way. Being able to adapt, keep a professional attitude, and knowing your boundaries are important. The comprehensive tools and techniques provided in the IHIStudies Natural Health training will allow you to navigate different situations with ease and success.

Benefits of having a Career in Alternative Healthcare

There are multiple benefits to becoming a complementary health practitioner including a healthy job market and career freedom.

Schedule Flexibility

Self-employed alternative health practitioners enjoy a certain degree of freedom when it comes to booking their clients for appointments. That means the flexibility of working around family obligations while still serving your clients.

Improved Work Outlook

As natural health and wellness are getting more and more popular every day, natural health practitioners are having a more improved work outlook. According to U.S. labor reports, alternative health practitioner employment will rise by 16% in the next decade.

Rewarding Experiences

You will be able to help your clients to discover the root cause of their symptoms. We focus on “triangulation” tools to enable you to know how to “pull it all together”. Seeing the positive changes in your clients’ lives is a highly rewarding experience!

Good Potential Income

The demand for alternative health services has been getting higher over the last decade and it is more likely to get even higher in the upcoming years according to experts – which means there’s a great potential to earn a sustainable income. Clients are looking for well versed and trained professionals to care for them naturally.

Advancement Opportunities

Once you are trained, certified, and gain some experience, you can have different opportunities present themselves to you. You can work for a bigger clinic or a health organization or start your own business/clinic. There are many opportunities to improve yourself and grow your business. Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies is here to support you every step of the way with our Practitioner Mentoring and Group online workshops.

Benefits of having a Career in Alternative Healthcare

How to Become an Alternative Health Practitioner?

The first step to becoming an alternative or complementary health practitioner is to learn more about it. Learning what a career in natural health holds for you and how you want to move in this field is important. Decide what area you want to specialize in and enroll into a training program to get your certification.

You can find face-to-face training options as well as online courses.

Considering the fact that alternative health has become so popular, most people go online and look for courses. There might be quality knowledge available on some courses, but most of them are only providing theoretical information leaving students to incapable practices. So, it’s crucial to research about courses and find the ones that are set up for long-term business growth.

Choosing the Perfect Alternative Health Program Is the Key to Success

The right natural health/alternative health practitioner course will give you a proper foundation to kickstart or elevate your natural health career. There are 5 must-haves when it comes to choosing the right course:

  • Qualified instructors
  • Efficient content delivery
  • Ongoing support
  • Meaningful engagement
  • Good reputation

Here at IHIStudies, we provide a Certified Natural Health Professional Program which takes anywhere from 12 – 24 months to complete thoroughly. Keep in mind, it’s truly student dependent and requires time to devote to implement the material. This is a complete learning experience that mentors wellness practitioners in the Clinical Application of the material.

Our programs and courses are designed to prepare you for a successful career with our knowledgeable industry experts, a virtual community group where you can develop skills with like-minded people and a step by step natural health business academy.

Depending on the state’s regulations you are in, you can choose between the programs of CAHP- Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner and TND- Traditional Naturopath Doctor as they have the same content but the end title differs from state to state.

If you’re looking for a flexible, certified online natural health training program, then look no further than the Epic Practitioner Training Program by Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies. Apply today and get unlimited access to all the content, live sessions, and the confidence and skills you need to pursue your ambitions.

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