How to Get the Most Out of Your Clinical Mentorship

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Mentorships, much like relationships, are a two-way street. In other words, you really do get what you give, and joining a mentorship program isn’t enough—you have to put in the work. Here’s how to make the most of your mentorship.

Getting the Most Out of An Online Mentorship Program

The best mentorship programs balance three things: education, practice, and networking. However, to get the most out of the program, it’s important that you complement this trinity of features with our 3 C’s of mastering your mentorship:

1. Commit

Everyone can tell when someone is not fully invested in something. Participating half-heartedly not only casts you in a negative light in front of your peers, but it also reduces the chances of attracting important connections and opportunities. Commitment doesn’t have to be a massive time investment, however, showing up to advance yourself is the key.

2. Communicate

Theory and practice couldn’t be more different, and clinical mentorships play an essential role in bridging that gap. Don’t be afraid of the sound of your own voicespeak up, ask questions, engage with your peers, volunteer—and stand out for all the right reasons.  It is essential that you have a safe environment in your membership.  So ensure you select one that has a No Bully Zone.  Transparent and conscious communication will ensure you get value out of your time and investment.

3. Connect

You can never go wrong with building a professional network. While participating is certainly admirable, remember to make an effort to build personal relationships with your mentors and peers. Ask for their contact information, send LinkedIn invites, and be sure to invest time into developing the relationship over the long term. In this time we are in, it is imperative that you Network.  Afterall, your Net Worth is your Network.  Supporting your colleagues ensures you to also have plenty of opportunities to choose from.

Final Thoughts

Generally, you need to take your mentorship as seriously as you would take your professional courses or networking opportunities. The right mentorship—paired with the right attitude—can help you get ahead in your career.

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