How and Where to Find a Good Mentor

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As with any relationship, compatibility is key. Before you set out looking for a mentor, you need to identify exactly what you need out of a mentorship program. If you don’t know where to start, start here.

First, Get to Know Yourself

Before you go out looking for a mentor, you’ve got to know what you need in a mentor. And to do that, you will want to look at your current challenges. So, now’s the time to ask yourself what’s lacking in your holistic professional arsenal.

Is it confidence? Do you need more practical learning opportunities? Or do you just need access to a wider professional network? Some mentorships are designed to address one problem or another. The right clinical mentorship program, however, will mold you into a well-rounded professional.

Where to Find Mentorship Opportunities

So, how do you find these mentorship opportunities? There’s no better place to start your search than online. After all, Google search results are the modern-day phone book, aren’t they?

Before you get overwhelmed, remember that good programs speak for themselves. Look out for programs led by qualified and experienced professionals and with a decent number of reviewslike those over at Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies (IHIS.

Final Thoughts

A mentor is a great entry point into any professional network. However, just because someone works in the industry or is well-known, doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll be a good mentor.

Looking for a mentorship program that you can actually get something out of? This Clinical Mastery Membership will give you the guidance you need on your holistic journey.

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