Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Question series answers common inquiries about our certification and other training programs.


When you purchase a program from us, an account is automatically created for you and your login details for your Members Dashboard are sent via email. Once you go to your dashboard, you’ll see all of the content–training videos, study guides, worksheets, quizzes, and other resources. Our Online programs offer the flexibility to view 24/7. And depending on your package you will find the calendar of live virtual support calls within this same dashboard.

We operate as an All Inclusive Model. The program you choose has all designated modules included. There is no module by module purchase options. This also means all content is contained within the designated module and generally no further outside material is required to be purchased.

Simple answer is YES – self-paced. however for Package A of both Practitioner Academy (CAHP/TN) and the Business Academy, you get 2yrs. of 24/7 unlimited access. This means you will need to “pace” yourself to complete those Package A within 2 years, if you do not then there are additional admin fees assessed. Our Package B in the Business Academy and our Package B and Package C in our Practitioner Academy (CAHP/TN), you get LIFETIME 24/7 unlimited access, however, for Certification completion you must complete within 2 years in order to qualify for the “no extra charge” challenge exam.
We belong to AADP: American Association of Drugless Practitioners. However, our program Qualifies for other “boards” upon request. We are also affiliated with ANMA for various approved titles and with SCAHP for the title of CAHP.
Yes. As long as the school accepts our training. Keep in mind, we are not an government approved educational institution.
#1-The passion to help others. We require you to be 18 years of age. No educational prequalifications are required. We WELCOME all backgrounds, belief systems and those that have been trained by other organizations. Our programs offer open enrollment to encourage you to begin when you get that “knowing” it is time. No need to wait until the next cycle. JOIN TODAY!
The videos are On Demand and are not able to be downloaded. However, the Thousands of done-for-you client ready documents, reference materials, white paper studies, guidebooks, templates ..we WECOME you to download and implement for exclusive use. YES, we would love for you to leave our copyright intact, but the reality is you are purchasing a program to USE the contents for jumpstarting or enhancing your current clinical success. We love to see YOUR success!
Average age is 40. This tends to be the time when we decide…it’s My turn now! Join us as we support your PIVOT into living your Purpose with Passion and sustainable Profit.
The setting of personal goals on why you’re taking up the course would be your impactful personal motivation. And honeslty, if you need more than that ..plug into our Weekly Accountability group for that swift kick in the … to get moving.
Depending on our package and where you are at on working through the material, you will find all the details clearly outlined within your program. Meaning the roadmap for timely completion and what to expect is included in your program purchase.
For Package A of both Practitioner Academy (CAHP/TN) and the Business Academy, you get 2yrs. of 24/7 unlimited access while on Package B Practitioner Academy (CAHP/TN) and the Business Academy and for Package C Practitioner Academy (CAHP/TN), you get LIFETIME 24/7 unlimited access.
No, You can go back and rewatch the video from where you stopped or the beginning as many times as necessary. We also offer a cheat sheet to know how long each module is, this helps uncomplicate the process of effective training in your timeframe
Any questions can be directed to or during any of our live virtual support sessions. We also have forums that you can interact with other students and instructors for clarity.
Where shall we begin….TOP 5 Highlight reel: 1. 24/7 lifetime access to all content – Think Flexibility (small print-depends on your package you purchased) 2. All inclusive. Meaning NO books or additional material to purchase which then adds hundreds to your final investment. 3. 21 + Practicing Professionals….DC, FNP, DOM, ND, etc sharing their expert experience for true clinical application 4. Hundreds of done-for-you client ready – downloadable- handouts to save you loads of money and time trying to figure out what you need to be successful. 5. Weekly LIVE virtual support!! Uncensored.Thougth-Provoking.Priceless. (small print-depends on your package you purchased)
We provide all inclusive programs. Meaning our platform is maintained by our team, our experts are secured to train their expert genius on a designated topic, and all contents are accessible within our framework of delivery.
Yes, we have a “drop schedule” wherein the access to the modules are granted upon successful payment each month.
If you paid in full, you will get all the contents at once. If you choose to pay in installments, the contents will be dripped each month upon successful payment. You may choose multiple courses/programs at once and those will be accessed in one convenient location to save you time and sweating over multiple login information.
Our office hours are from Mondays to Thursdays, 8 AM to 6 PM, and Fridays, 8 AM to 12 PM. These are Eastern Standard Time Zone hours.


You can directly enroll to our programs through our website: Depending on which program you’d like to purchase, locate that program of your choice, then mash the button that says Join Now or Join Today. And we will see you on the other side of your content. And by the way, if you need more information before making that decision…we get it…call us at 573.204.1111 or email at and we will provide the clarity you deserve.
YES, we seek out board certification opportunities quarterly. So keep checking back as we continue to add more organizations. Meantime, we are aligned with ANMA, SCAHP, and AADP.
Supplement choices are a Practitioner decision. The short answer is we do not do the work for you to sign up with product companies. We do, however, have allegiances with select organizations that we support. We do not directly solicit for any supplement company nor do we offer “specialist” certifications for their products. However, we add more and more organizations that accept our “credentials” as standard approval to purchase their product lines. We also have a forum that allows professionals to share best practices on using supplements.
We have 2 graduations in a year — one in Spring and one in Fall — where you must PASS the Final Challenge Exam before you get to graduate and earn your CAHP/TN Designation. Currently, the ceremony is an online, virtual event.
The IHIS as an institution does not provide direct assistance in getting approval for laboratory testing and devices. We do, however, have a support Facebook group where you are encouraged to interact with other members and get support where you need in your practice.
The IHIS offers CAHP and TN designations. Your practice depends on the existing regulations in the state or country you’re currently located.
Your designation gives you confidence in your practice. A designation demonstrates to the public that you have been trained in these areas of integrative,natural health. It also signifies that you have passed the appropriate exams required for the designation.
With our Practitioner Academy (CAHP/TN) program, this equips you to work within an integrative medical clinic, lead a health & wellness coaching business and even own our own ntegrative clinic. With our Business Academy, this affords you the opporunity to not only live your passion but to earn a sustainable income with the strategies, tools and live support we offer. The training contained within our Business Academy will guarantee you success…if you implement the wisdom contained within.
You may always put any educational or professional designation after your name. However, you will want to be mindful of your state/country laws in regards to the use of ND or any derivative. A friendly reminder, your “title” isn’t all the client is searching, they ultimately want to know.. Can you help them.


Business Academy Program is NOT another course. Yes, there are loads of content and training, but at its heart, this is a strategic approach to ensuring you make a profit while making a Difference in your world.

Business Academy Program is NOT a one size fits all. We’ll start by building a custom Programs & Packages Strategy to leverage your resources and create income. When you have a template to follow, you are ahead of the competition.

Business Academy Program is NOT another theory based overview of what “should” be done. Yes, you get templates, blueprints, playbooks and more, however, you are involved in Information to Implementation training experiences. These are reliable, evidence based steps to ensure a PROFIT from day one.

To be a fit for this Clinical Business Training, there are a few boxes you’ll want to check:

1) You must have a passion for integrating and earning money while helping your clients. The goal is to empower you to stop giving away “free advice”. We want you to see your worth using our Credibility Crunch cheat sheet and then be confident to charge for your knowledge.

2) You must have the time set aside to implement. Do you have 3-5 hours per week set aside to actually implement the information that we train? If not, then you likely won’t find success with this, or any other program.

Use our template and strategy formulas for an uncomplicated way to create Profitable Programs and Packages. Guaranteed to find “old” items to repurpose and leverage for sales.


It is easy!

1 – Go to and click on “Join Clinical Mastery Today”,

2 – Select if you’d like to pay monthly or annually (PRO TIP: The annual option saves you a total of $1200 for a year of access to the membership!) then input your payment information,

3 – Once your payment has successfully gone through, a welcome email will automatically be sent to you and it containes everything you need to know on how to access your membership dashboard.

For a full list of what’s included in the Clinical Mastery Membership, please visit: to download the full Membership Outline


Yes, when you buy a Library certificate, there is an option to add a CEU certificate which certifies that you have finished the course. This CEU Certificate is available for all LIbrary purchasers — you don’t necessarily need to use it for Board Certification Renewal.

No, you get Lifetime 24/7 access to your Library course.


The IHIS does not discriminate on the basis of religion, race, ethnicity, nationality, color, gender, sexual orientation or gender identification.

We reserve the right to refuse an enrollment if the Board of Directors see evidence that an applicant is not suitable for the program selected. Though this is very rare…we also believe in business choice if we see malicious intent with our programs, yes we take action here.


We offer payment plans for our Practitioner Academy CAHP/TN (12-month payment plan) and the Business Academy program (6-month payment plan). All other programs are based on a paid in full model. All payment options are processed through a secure 3rd party credit/debit card processor.


Once you are enrolled in our program, you will have access to the Helpdesk where you can directly contact tech support. If for some reason you can not locate the techsupport button…no worries…email us at