Choosing the Best Certified Natural Health Professional Training

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Whether unwittingly or not, most people practice some form of natural health — be it brewing a cup of ginger tea to settle an upset stomach or using aloe vera gel to soothe a burn.

Tried and tested natural remedies such as these are commonly passed down from generation to generation and are so popular that they almost seem instinctive.

Of course, the dawn of the internet has made everything — including medical advice — more accessible. In fact, interest in natural health is now so widespread that an increasing number of people are open to trying a home remedy before visiting their doctor and learning more about natural health itself.

While this has validated the natural health industry in the eyes of the mainstream health sector to some extent, it has also influenced the rise of natural health programs both off and online. If you have an interest in natural health and are interested in taking it a step further, then signing up for a natural health training course is the next logical step.

Keep reading for advice on identifying the best natural health training programs, including all you need to know about accreditation and certification.

5 Must-haves in Your Natural Health Online Training Program

A couple of years ago, you may have cast doubt on distance learning. However, in the past year, remote training initiatives have really legitimized online learning. While this means that knowledge is more accessible and affordable than ever before, it also means that many prospective students are inundated with options.

Now, being spoiled for choice is normally a good thing — but you don’t want to end up signing up for something simply because you got overwhelmed and/or didn’t know what to look out for.

Whether you are interested in a Complementary Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP) or Traditional Naturopath Doctor (TND) certification, diploma, or degree studies — you’ll want to make sure that you are investing in the best program best suited to your personal goals.

Although your course requirements will largely depend on your professional goals, there are some basic features of a good natural health training course that you just can’t do without.

1. Qualified Instructors

You can generally evaluate the quality of your natural health courses by its instructors. However, don’t be alarmed if your instructor doesn’t have a fancy title or doctorate. Certification titles may differ from state to state and once you become a registered practitioner, you are free to practice anywhere in the country.

Experienced natural health practitioners like those over at Institute of Holistic Integrative Studies make for the best instructors. When it comes to natural health, it’s difficult to trust an instructor with an exclusively theoretical background — after all, healing and therapy are known as practices for a reason.

Look out for programs with instructors that specialize in diverse fields of expertise. Having the freedom to approach individual instructors who are well-versed in your area of interest or simply knowing that your courses have been created by knowledgeable instructors will boost your confidence in your education and your skills as a practitioner.

2. Efficient Content Delivery

Institutions the world over have adapted their in-person offerings to the online world with varying success. Creating engaging content that’s both visually and intellectually stimulating is no small feat. Chances are that you or someone you know has been disappointed to find that your online course consists of pages and pages of notes.

Courses that incorporate a good mix of written, graphic, and video content don’t just do it for aesthetics or to stave off boredom — there’s a reason kids love picture books, and textbooks are filled with images and illustrations.

It’s been proven time and time again that humans recall visual content more easily than written content. Keeping things varied just makes for better learning. More often than not, a well-designed program is indicative of a well-rounded program with great learning outcomes.

3. Ongoing Support 

One of the biggest criticisms of online learning is the lack of support. Back in high school, you may have rolled your eyes every time someone raised their hand right before class was dismissed, but whether you make use of them or not, any student can appreciate the value of having support structures in place.

The best online natural health schools should offer support services free of charge. Maybe you’ve encountered a broken link or you’re just having a slow day — at some point, you’ll probably need technical or learning support. Without it, your learning experience will likely take a hit.

In addition, your learning experience doesn’t have to end when your program does. Many natural health practitioners and other professionals find it useful — or at least reassuring — to be able to refer back to the instruction videos, notes  and wellness plans over the course of their careers. Realistically this means not losing access to the program after you have officially completed it,  ensuring that your program doesn’t “expire” before you do.

Online natural health courses that offer you unlimited access to course content will be more flexible to your lifestyle and give you more bang for your buck.

4. Meaningful Engagement

Just because you’re learning online doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on networking and interaction. Being able to connect with your instructors or peers is one of the hallmarks of a great online natural health course.

Keep an eye out for programs that offer live sessions or chat rooms. Creating a real virtual classroom or sense of community will not only help you forge friendships and develop your professional network, but it’ll undoubtedly make for a more enjoyable educational experience.

Live demonstrations and guidance sessions are also one of the best ways to address the practical components in the classes. Finally, whether you want to go over a case study or need career advice, having access to a real person to touch base with can help you get a better grasp of the material and do wonders for your motivation.

5. Good Reputation

Just like you would scroll down to check the customer reviews on an online store before buying a new product, you should get into the habit of reading through testimonials both on your school’s website and on other platforms.

Typically, you’ll be able to identify a common thread running through the reviews that will give you a good idea of what you can expect once you enroll. It may also be useful to look up individual instructors to get a good feel of the program.


Choosing the right natural health training course starts with knowing what you are looking for. Look for online programs with learning outcomes that complement your professional goals.

However, while finding the right match for your goals is key, it’s equally important to sign up for a program with a content structure that appeals to you without compromising on quality. There’s nothing worse than signing up for a course with content that you’re going to struggle to get through.

If you’re looking for a flexible, certified online natural health training program, then look no further than the Epic Practitioner Training Program by Contact. Apply today and get unlimited access to all the content, live sessions, and the confidence and skills you need to pursue your ambitions.

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