3 Key Phases of a Profitable Natural Health Business

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Managing a small business has never been a walk in the park. But in order to come back from what’s arguably been the most challenging year for independent and small businesses, your new venture requires an even more targeted and well-constructed strategy than before.

These challenges get even more complex if you’re starting a holistic health business, as this niche is one of the most competitive markets you could get into, whether you’re offering online services or running a brick-and-mortar company.

So, what are You to do? If you’re looking for a proven-and-tested way to establish a profitable natural health business we’ve got more than just a few helpful tips — we have a whole three-phase model and a FREE 4 day Business challenge bound to get your natural health biz soaring to brand new heights!

Getting to success is within reach.

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Where in the Journey Are You?

The first thing you will consider when creating a profitable natural health business is to identify where, exactly, your business is in the growth journey and where you want it to go next.

There’s definitely no shortage of business gurus telling you how to scale your biz and continue growing through automation in the digital age, but understanding what your place is in the natural health industry will get you a whole lot further!

Are you just in the beginning stages of transforming your passion into a profitable operation? Are you still looking for a niche to occupy? Are you refining your message and “signature talk”, or looking to build a team to take the next big step into success?

Wherever you might be at the moment, understanding where in this 3-phase journey you are and what you need to do to make each step profitable will help you build all the foundations you need.

So, can you easily see yourself in any of these key phases?

Phase 1: Profitability

Phase 1 of our “Three Phases of Business” is all about figuring out the profitability of your holistic health business.

If you’re just started building the foundations of your business, this is likely where your head is at: You’re researching the ins and outs of your market every day, trying to find a business offer that will fit your passion and knowledge, all while creating a sustainable income.

During this stage, you’ll want to do plenty of market research to see what services you can offer for a reliable profit, as well as finding your target niche within that general market.

From there, you’ll put all your research into practice, creating appealing and ultimately profitable client programs and add-on packages and setting up systems for onboarding new clients — the cornerstones of any profitable natural health business.

This process can be tricky for many natural health professionals, so you’ll be happy to know that we offer an extensive module on pivoting your niche AND creating an engaging package along with managing clients as part of our Business Academy!

Phase Two: Leverage-Systems + Teams 

Phase 2 of our Trilogy Model is all about leveraging your passion and uniqueness to take your branding game to the next level and start building sustainable systems into your independent business.

This will include building the core structure of your biz, identifying your signature voice, your core purpose, and connecting with like-minded partners.

If your business identity is set, your mission is clear, and you’ve put it all into words with engaging content, we’ve got some great news for you: You’re already halfway through your journey to success!

You’re not doing anything to scale your biz or growing your client base into a community just yet, but you are refining your message and offer with plenty of personality, so you can start building your online and offline image as the go-to authority in your field!

As a consequence, at this stage – messaging, tone, and voice becomes crucial as it’ll help you align with your customer avatar and polarize your brand. While it may seem intimidating, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered with our Market Survey system tool offered as part of our Business Academy that’ll help you speak the language of your client and not some cookie cutter approach.

Phase 3: Scale + Automation

Finally, we come to Phase 3, the part where you’re putting all that you’ve learned into automation so you can start scaling your business and expanding your reach even further.

Automating your business model is a critical step in making the venture sustainable, as you want to continue growing and expanding as you acquire more clients and leads, all without losing your mind from the pressure!

If you see yourself in this final phase, you’re likely dealing with more ambitious marketing campaigns, building a trustworthy team of like-minded health practitioners, and “aiming higher” instead of simply “getting started”.

This would include having great programs and packages, evergreen online-courses, referrals, and mentorship programs among other things  which will consistently bring revenue and help your business grow passively.

This can be an incredibly challenging stage for all niches and business owners, so you’ll be happy to know that we have it all covered in our strategic roadmap!

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Your Holistic Health Business Journey Starts Here

Running a profitable health business is anything but a smooth ride… but we can help you make the journey that much stress-free and a lot more fun!

Head over to our Business Academy and take this free 4 Day Challenge which will help you understand your business better and what to do next: Three Phases of Business.

You can join our growing community of natural health practitioners and coaches, and learn how to turn your passion into a profitable business no matter your niche and background — get in touch today to make your first move!

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